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Cow Pointer

Educated Cows Eat Weeds!

How to Get Started Training Your Own Cows to Eat Weeds

Book and Videos
Kathy's book "Cows Eat Weeds" outlines the science behind her training method and helps you create your own training plan. Videos on DVD are available as well so you can see animals at work as examples of what you might expect. More...

Coaching Program
The coaching program is good for folks willing to try new things on their own but who want to get started quickly and easily. Via phone, you’ll go over the list of questions Kathy developed to help her write training plans. Based on your answers, she develops a complete training plan including information about your target weed(s), a list of what training feeds to buy adjusted to what’s available locally, what to feed when, and how animals will behave. When you’re comfortable with the plan, you begin training, calling Kathy whenever you have questions or concerns. Coaching program participants also receive the “Cows Eat Weeds” book and DVD. More....

On-Site Projects
Each grazing season Kathy works on-site on projects that are unique and/or challenging because of the kind of weed animals are being trained to eat (i.e. leafy spurge), or that involve a large group of ranchers in one area, or are opportunities to add to what we know about cows eating weeds. If you have a project like this, contact Kathy. She can also provide you with materials to write solid, successful grant proposals.

Presentations and Workshops
Kathy is available to make presentations to large or small groups and for workshops to help participants develop their own training plans. More...

Ray Beck Training His Heifers
Ray Beck and his Lewistown, MT heifers being trained to eat Canada thistle.

Rangeland Health Assessment Participants
Participants in a Rangeland Health Assessment training as part of the SARE sponsored Boulder County Project.

“What I liked about the workshop: Totally amazing breakthrough. What I didn’t like: That it took 10,000 years grazing before you solved the problem.”

Vermont Grazing & Livestock Conference workshop attendee