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Coaching Package

Weed Eating Cow Seeds

We Know you're busy and new things take time.

Our goal is to get your cows eating weeds, and to make it as easy on you and them as possible. So we've put together the Coaching Package to get you started with miniumal effort. Here are the simple steps:

1. Choose the book (Cows Eat Weeds) or the DVD (Teaching Cows to Eat Weeds). It's your choice since some folks learn best by reading, and others by watching. Either way you'll get the background you need to be a successful cow teacher.

2. Tell us what your target weed or weeds are. We'll help you with as many as two.

Jan Kluver

Having you there to answer questions if I needed you was very nice. - Jan Kluver, Ranch Resources. MT

3. Give us your email address and your mailing address. We'll mail out your book, and email you a file or files with the following information.

• A summary of the training plan and materials required.
• Information on your target weeds and suggestions for collecting and serving it.
• A chart of which foods and how much you'll feed each day along with information on what your animals might do, signals that things are going as planned, and tips for what to change if your trainees need a little extra assistance. Be sure to tell us if your animals are not allowed to eat any grain at all as this changes the training foods list.
Suggestions for enhancing weed grazing in pasture.

4. As you train, call me or email me any time with updates or questions and get additional assistance. We encourage you to call as often as you need to!

Train once and you're done!
The entire training process shouldn't take more than about 10 hours over 10 days. Once your trainees are eating weeds, they will train their offspring and herd mates. Animals will keep on eating weeds year after year, so once you complete this training, you'll never have to train again unless you get rid of your entire herd.


$100 + Book or DVD (or both)

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