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Weed eating benefits
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Cow Pointer

Educated Cows Eat Weeds!

What People Are Saying


"Economically, if you compare the full cost of purchasing and applying [herbicide] to the small cost of training cows to feed themselves on a nutritious plant - well training cows is the smarter move hands down. When you spend a few dollars training your cows how to reap forage benefits from a weed, it’s all good. There’s no down side." John Wick and Peggy Rathmann, Nicasio Native Grass Ranch, California

"Well there really is no good science on this, it’s way too new. What you can figure out is that the lower cost producers make more money 100% of the time, and this is a way to lower your costs in every respect." John Morley, Economist


"Today we’re doing the ‘happy cow dance!’ We went to see how the cows were doing on spotted knapweed and it was ALL GONE." Melissa Griffiths, Madison Valley Ranchlands Group Weed Committee

"The bonus was that they not only ate the milk thistle in pasture, but they ate the Italian thistle and the black mustard. It was easy! You can do it!" Joe Morris, San Juan Bautista, CA

"It’s so easy and it doesn’t take that much time out of your day. I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it." Jan Kluver
Ranch Resources, Sheridan, MT

Presentations and Workshops

“I loved the gentle, out of the box, paced nature of today. wonderful work. Thank you.”

“Loved mix of information and work time, live presentation of info with video and photo documentation. You are a gifted teacher.”

“I love seeing conventional ideas/practices turned on their head and Kathy’s new program and her ideas do just that! It’s always a good idea to challenge the status quo. Keep on questioning!”

“What a nice presentation you gave. Not just the content, but the way it was put together!”

“This was motivational and inspirational!”

Comments from workshop and presentation evaluations.

More on setting up presentations and workshops for your group.