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"Kathy Voth has done a fantastic job of using behavioral and nutritional principles to develop a low-cost, proven method to teach cows to eat weeds."
Beth Burritt, BEHAVE Director of Outreach, Utah State University


"You have done an excellent job presenting the what, why, and how of weed management. Your research should be in the hands of anyone wanting a safe, sure, and sane method of weed management"
Aron Brackeen, Range Manager

Cows Eat Weeds - The Book

In 2004, Kathy Voth developed a revolutionary process for training cows to eat weeds in as little as 10 hours over a 10 day period. Trained cattle gain weight at expected rates, and teach their herd mates and ofspring. Even better, trained cows become more open-minded about forage in general and choose other pasture weeds on their own. With this book Voth shares her training methods and the science behind them. Complete with troubleshooting tips, step-by-step worksheets and a recipe for building your own training plan, this book makes sure you'll have your cows eating weeds this season! You'll find out:

  • What really makes a plant palatable,
  • How creatures choose foods and protect themselves from toxins in plants,
  • How to use a cow's natural behaviors to get her to eat a weed in as little as five days.

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Paperback, 8/12 x 11, 160 pages, full color photos throughout so you can see the training process in action.

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