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Coaching/Presentation Combos

Introduce the idea to your group or agency. Kathy takes you through the behavior science behind the training process and the training steps themselves as well as what we know about using our new tool (effectiveness, animal health and productivity, economics, etc.). The presentation includes lots of video of animals at work, interviews with ranchers whose animals have learned to eat weeds, and answers all the questions asked about the process over the last 7 years

If you have a group interested in getting started this spring, an in-depth, day-long workshop is for you. Kathy covers the science and the training steps and then helps each individual create a training plan to meet his/her specific needs.

The workshop includes insights into lessons Kathy has learned from different projects, video and discussion of what to expect from animal trainees, and potential hurdles a trainer might encounter and how to over come them.

Participation includes a copy of the book, "Cows Eat Weeds" and the DVD “Teaching Cows to Eat Weeds.” Attendance at a workshop also includes phone calls with Kathy during training so we can make sure everyone succeeds.

If you have one farmer or rancher who is interested in getting started and you'd like to use his/her example to encourage other local ranchers, then this combo is for you.

The rancher goes through the coaching program with me. Once the trainees are grazing happily in pasture, we schedule a day-long program. I do a presentation and the farm or rancher talks about his experience. Then we take a trip to the pasture to see the cows at work.

The combination of my presentation, hearing from a fellow producer, and then seeing cows in action seems to be very effective in providing farmers and ranchers the information they need to decide to turn their cows into weed managers.

Kathy’s teaching style is effective, knowledge of content is thorough, and her passion is contagious! Well done!

I expected a few new techniques. I experienced a paradigm shift. Thank you!

Vermont Grazing & Livestock Conference workshop attendees

Can I say what a nice presentation you gave? Not just the content, but the way it was put together!

Manitoba Grazing School attendee

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Speaker Requests

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