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You Don't Have to Learn Alone!

Check out the coaching program and workshop information.

Both are great ways to get a hand up, or get your neighbors involved.


DVD - We'd Eat It!

This DVD will help you understand why cows can learn to eat weeds and how you can put together a simple, inexpensive training plan to target your own weed or vegetation management issues. The DVD includes:
     Training Steps and the Science Behind Them: See the steps demonstrated as cows learn to eat Distaff and Italian thistle in Marin County, California.
Project Examples: The project examples give you different ideas of how you might adapt the training process to your own operation. They include:

  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch 2004 - The original training steps are developed as cows eat Canada thistle, leafy spurge and spotted knapweed.
  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch 2005 - Cows teach their calves and they eat leafy spurge in pasture.
  • Boulder County Colorado 2007 - See the refined training process at work as cows learn to eat late-season diffuse knapweed.

     Rancher Interviews: Ranchers that have participated in the project share some of their thoughts on it:

  • Mike and Sally Gale, Chileno Valley Beef discuss their experience teaching cows to eat Distaff thistle.
  • Joe Morris, San Juan Bautista, CA - describes how he trained cows to eat milk thistle and how the cows went on to eat Italian thistle and black mustard.
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We'd Eat It DVD

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