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Check out the "noats on what goats eat" on the edible plant list page.
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Goat with braces
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Fenced Goats

Here are just a few things you need to know about goats.

Breed isn't nearly as important as healthy hooves and teeth. After all, that's what the goat needs to get around and do it's job. I've found that some people work better with some breeds of goats, so choose what works best for you.

Electric fencing is great for focusing goats on their task. It is more reliable than herders, provides some protection from predators and protects the community from the goats.

When deciding how big your pen should be, think about the number of animals you have, and how often you want to move them. Remember that it's easiest to keep goats inside a fence if they have everything they need.
Surprised People
How vegetation looks
As Leslie blew out her candles, she wished for a firm butt (and a goat is heading in to butt her.)
spokes goat
Don't surprise clients or communities. Develop realistic expectations of what goats can and can't do, and what the grazier can and can't do. Contracts are also good for avoiding surprises. Be sure to include what an area should look like when goats are done. If you're just starting, consider putting together a business plan so that you really get what you wish for. You can never go wrong starting small and growing big. Folks are more comfortable starting with pilot projects. The CD Handbook can give more information.