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"Thank you so much for your help. I found the CD to be extremely beneficial, and I appreciate all the work you have done to put such a nice resource together."

Meghan Curry, C and H Green Goats

The Joint Fire Science Program funded this project so that land managers and graziers woud have the information they need to be successful.

Goat Handbook on CD

This handbook is the result of 6 years of research on the use of goats for reducing fire dange. It is designed for fire managers and livestock producers to give them the answers they need to successfullly use this tool. It includes:

- Information on how to manage goats for vegetation reduction (both weeds and fire fuels)
- Evidence of the success of goat fire breaks and data on vegetation reduction
- Contract examples and suggestions
- Cost estimating tools
- Where to use this tool
- Business development assistance for prescribed grazing services

The CD also includes these videos:

Summary of the Project
Vegetation Reduction, Fire Modeling and Post-Fire Results Demonstrating Success
Timelapse Photos - changes in vegetation over a 2-week period in 3 pens
How to Build an Electric Fence - Make it a quick and painless process
What Do Goats Eat? - an intro to research on how animals learn what to eat and how we can use this to better manage landscapes
Sheep Who Love Straw & Experience vs. Inexperience - showing examples of the importance of learning and experience
Kidding 101 - for first time kidders
New-born Feeding and Early Weaning - how we hand-raised 60 kids
FEMA Video - The Federal Emergency Management Agency visits a treatment site and describes the results and neighbor reactions.


Goat CD picture

The CD Handbook is currently out of print. I'm working on getting it online. If you'd like to know when it's ready, sign up for the email list below.


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