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"A Range Conservationist and I met with one of our permittees to show him this DVD. He went from thinking cows couldn't eat weeds to wanting to do it on his own place in just 30 minutes!"
Heather Mobley, USFS


Cows Eating Weeds Is The New Frontier

This DVD is great for introducing graziers to the idea that cows can be trained to eat weeds.

This 30 minute video is a summary of 3 years of work in Boulder County, Colorado. You'll watch how 50 heifers grazing in a 400 acre pasture are trained to eat late-season diffuse knapweed in 2007. In 2008 the same group and their calves learn to eat dalmatian toadflax, and then, 2009 they chow down on a huge variety of weeds, without any additional training. Because they avoided grass almost completely, Kathy analyzed all the weeds they were eating, to find that the weeds were significantly higher in nutrition than the grasses.

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