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I asked the Montana Ranchers in this video to share their thoughts and what worked best for them so that you'd have more examples to work with.


DVD - Training Cows and Bison to Eat Canada Thistle

In July 2008 we trained 320 cows and 38 bison on 6 Montana ranches to eat Canada thistle in a project sponsored by the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group Weed Committee and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

      Learn from ranchers sharing their observations as they train their animals. Ranchers started the training on their own based on instructions from Kathy.  She came in to help with the trickier introduction to weeds and training in pasture.
      See how training large numbers of animals can be done easily. See how we train 110 pairs in pasture! See what we discovered about choosing foods that make it work.
      Bison learn too. We trained 38 bison at Ted Turner's Snowcrest Ranch, demonstrating that the behavior principles the steps are based on are truly universal.
      Trained animals teach herd mates. Eight trained heifers teach 20 cow-calf pairs in less than a month while grazing in a large pasture.  Steers grazing in a pasture next to trained heifers start eating Canada thistle too!
      Music video. The music video that appears on Youtube is included here, just to add a little fun.

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