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Selected Media Coverage - Cows

Brix is for the Birds
Don't worry about brix or the best pasture mix. Let the REAL experts show you what they want.

Eating Weeds in Pasture
What you can expect when cows start on weeds in pasture.

Can Grazing Eliminate Weeds?
That's what you really want to know, isn't it!

Check back as we add more!

Kathy's Columns

Fighting Fire With Goats - USU Extenstion newsletter on continued use of goats at Camp Williams National Guard Training Facility. See page 4.

FEMA Article on Success of Using Goats in 1997-2002 Project

FireDotGov Newsletter - see article on page 4 about Kathy's research findings

Selected Media Coverage - Goats
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2008 Montana Canada Thistle project
Cows Clean Up Canada Thistle
Cows Eat Weeds in Madison County

2008 Media coverage of Boulder County Parks and Open Space Project
Channel 9 News
Channel 4 News
Boulder Daily Camera - We Hit the Front Page!

2006 Distaff and Italian Thistle project
New High Quality Feed Discovered: Wooly Distaff Thistle, an article from the University of California's "Grown in Marin" newsletter

Sweeten It, They Will Come - Montana Standard, 6/22/2004

ATTRA Weed Management and Sustainable Agriculture Article


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