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Prescribed Goat Grazing

spokes goat
Kids Eat Hay pic of cow with feedback from rumen and tastebuds goats eat grass

Goats eat a wide variety of things, but like all creatures, they have to learn what to eat.

For example, Kathy had to teach the 60 kids she raised by hand how to eat hay, and grass in pasture because they didn't have their moms to teach them.

Goats use the same feedback mechanisms as all other creatures to decide what to eat to meet their needs.

That means when you put goats in pasture they will eat what ever nutritious food they've learned to eat whether it's grass....
goats eat oakbrush
goat and cactus
goat with head through fence spokes goat
...or browse. Never make the mistake of thinking that your goats will eat just the weeds in your pastures. They'll eat the native species too! If there's something in your pastures you want to protect, be sure to build a secure fence around it. If your goats aren't eating something that you know is nutritious and won't harm them, try the training process Kathy uses on cows. It works for any species.

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